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Spring Gutter Strainer pro sample pack
Sample pack contains one 2" & one 3" galvanized Spring Gutter Strainers®

Spring Gutter Strainers® are guaranteed to deliver PROFIT – learn how today!

Get your business set up in 1 or 2 easy steps:

Step 1 (optional):

Contractors can order a FREE SAMPLE of Spring Gutter Strainers ®. Why not? It's FREE!!

Once you hold this uniquely designed product, you'll see for yourself why customers AND Pro's love it. (See the reviews on - search for Spring Gutter Strainer)

Contractor Sample Package includes one 2" (for 5"/standard gutters) and one 3" (for 6"/oversized gutters) galvanized Spring Gutter Strainers® along with pricing, ordering information and simple terms and conditions.

Retailers please go to step two.

Retail value $15.00 – but at no cost to you! We even pay for shipping! Limit 1 sample pack per Pro customer.

This special offer is for PROFESSIONALS ONLY so you will need a coupon code to get this sample for free. If you did not receive this code via our recent postcard or online ad, please contact us to request the FREE SAMPLE PRO code!

Step 2:

Get special access to wholesale pricing and useful sales information on Spring Gutter Strainers®.

Exclusively for Retailers and Contractors only.

If you are a Retailer or Contractor, you can realize some very healthy profits by adding Spring Gutter Strainer ® to your menu of products. Here's how you can qualify to get wholesale pricing and information:
  • Contractors, create a new account. (Contractors, hopefully you did this when you ordered your FREE SAMPLE PACK!) Click Login/Register and create a new account.
  • Then email us at [email protected] to request access to the PRO pages.
  • After we verify that you are a Retailer or Contractor, your registration will be approved, usually on the same day. You will receive a confirmation email. The next time you log in, you will have access to the "Pro Page."

Full access to the Pro Pages will enable you to:

  • Get strainers at wholesale prices
  • Gain access to proven sales strategies specific to your industry
  • Make above average profits